Lifetime Achievement Award


The "HCES Lifetime Achievement Award (LTAA)" was established in 1997 by the Hawaii Council of Engineering Societies. The award is provided annually to recognize the lifetime achievements of an outstanding retired engineer and is bestowed upon this individual who has contributed significantly to the development of engineering in the State of Hawaii and who has made a noteworthy impact on the local engineering community. The eligibility criteria has been revised to allow an individual to be considered who is still involved in the practice of engineering to receive the award. The award is presented at the Hawaii Council of Engineering Societies Engineers Week Banquet. The first HCES Lifetime Achievement Award was presented on February 27, 1998.

The Lifetime Achievement Award Selection Committee will select the recipient. 
Award nominations must be received via email or postmarked prior to deadline. Deadline TBA.

Nomination packages shall be preferably submitted via email to: deanborges@aol.com 
or may be mailed to: 

2019 HCES Lifetime Achievement Award Selection Committee
PO BOX 22112
Honolulu, HI 96823



The following criteria shall be applied when nominating a candidate for the award:

  • The nominee shall be affiliated with an HCES member society as an active member.

  • The nominee must have lived and worked in Hawaii as an engineer or engineering-manager for at least 15 years.

  • The nominee shall be 62 years or older at the time of nomination.

  • The nominee must have taken retirement from public or private sector employment. The nominee can be currently employed or retired and serving as a consultant after effective retirement.

  • In the case of a nominee who was or is involved in a private company, the nominee shall have legally handed over the company to a successor. However, the nominee may continue to be involved in the company.

  • Posthumous awards may be made provided the nominee was an active member of an HCES member society at the time of his/her passing away and fufulled all the required criteria listed above.

  • A waiver of age and residency requirements may be considered upon request, depending on the "lifetime" achievements of the nominee.


The following criteria shall apply to the nomination:

  • Any person belonging to any HCES member organization may nominate a candidate.

  • The nomination must be accompanied by a citation that must effectively highlight, in narrative form, the engineering contributions of the candidate. Special emphasis shall be placed on the nominee's contributions to engineering in Hawaii.

  • The nomination shall include a detailed resume of the nominee.

  • The nomination shall be submitted with a cover letter addressed to the Chairman of the Lifetime Achievement Award Selection Committee.

  • Multiple nominators may nominate a single nominee. The nominations submitted may be a joint or separate nomination. To be considered valid, each nomination package shall be complete.

  • A single nominator may nominate multiple candidates. The nomination for each candidate must be distinct and complete with all necessary documents.

  • If the nominee has not been previously nominated, but not selected for the award, he or she may be nominated in subsequent years.