Young Engineer of the Year Award


The Hawaii Society of Professional Engineers (HSPE) is responsible for annually selecting the individual who will receive the Young Engineer/Early Career Award. The candidate chosen must be a practicing professional engineer in the State of Hawaii and 35 years of age or younger, or within 5 years of graduation if an engineering degree was earned after the age of 35. The technical accomplishments of the candidate and his/her professional, civic, and community contributions are thoroughly evaluated by a committee as selected by HCES. The award is conferred at the HCES Engineers Week . Banquet. The first award was given in 1984.

Completed nomination packages must be received no later than the deadline. Deadline TBA.

Applications for the award may be sent to: 
P.O. Box 4135 
Honolulu, HI 96812



The following criteria shall be applied for eligibility:

  • The nominee shall be 35 years of age or younger by January 1st of the year the award is to be made, or if older than 35 years of age, must be within 5 years of graduating with an engineering degree.

  • The nominee shall be a current practicing professional engineer in the State of Hawaii.

  • The nominee shall be a current resident of the State of Hawaii.

  • The nominee need not be a member of any society affiliated with the HCES.


The following point system shall be applied in the selection process:

  • Technical Accomplishment (Awards Received, Papers & Presentations, Major Projects Undertaken) - 30%

  • Professional History and Contributions (Positions Held, Professional Affiliations, Special Contributions to Profession and Special Recognition) - 30%

  • Civic and Community Contributions (Affiliations, Positions Held, Special Recognition Received) - 20%

  • Recommendation (Why the candidate is nominated) - 20%